Swire Properties Placemaking Academy 

This programme is a competition that welcome students from all Hong Kong universities. It will once again put the next generation of local youth in the spotlight, as they work together during a six-month apprenticeship to make the White Christmas Street Fair a greener, smarter and more engaging event for the greater Hong Kong community. 

In addition, students also took part in:

• Masterclasses: Totaling more than 100 hours; lectures by industry experts and our department heads, from a variety of backgrounds such as architecture, urban planning, design and communications.

• Mentorship Sessions: Students were mentored by our senior management, event-planning experts, and thought leaders from the design and community-planning industries.

Team qualities
Participating teams, comprised of no more than five members, will need to specialise in space and event design, digital innovation, sustainability, communication, and social media.

Spatial design:
Design the event space and transform it into something inspiring. The party will have a Christmas theme in terms of the look and feel (decorations and setup) and the different event elements.

PR & communication:
Develop, propose and execute engagement initiatives and a communication plan for the event; provide copywriting support for corporate collaterals such as the press invitation, press releases and corporate invitations to VIPs and key stakeholders.

Environment & sustainability:
Develop, propose and execute a plan to make the White Christmas Street Fair as green as possible; “zero waste” concepts can be applied to the Street Fair.

Identify relevant areas of the Street Fair where digital innovation can help to enhance visitors’ event experience.
Social media: Propose and execute a communication strategy with a social media plan for the Street Fair 2021; monitor the public response on social media channels.
19 April - 14 May
Application Opens (Please download documents below to find out more details)
20 May
Sharing Session
7 June
Proposal Submission Deadline
17 & 18 June
Proposal presentation
21 June
Result Announcement
Vicky Fung, Chow Yiu Fai, CMgroovy, Pia Ho, Subyub Lee, Yvette Wong... (more to come soon!)
Vicky Fung
Chow Yiu Fai
Pia Ho
Subyup Lee
Yvette Wong
...... more to come soon!
Project Background & Briefing Document: 
Download HereEnquiry: hometownheroes@swireproperties.com