Swire Properties Placemaking Academy 

This programme is a competition that welcomes students from all Hong Kong universities. It will once again put the next generation of local youth in the spotlight, as they work together during a six-month apprenticeship to make the White Christmas Street Fair a greener, smarter and more engaging event for the greater Hong Kong community.

In addition, students also took part in:

• Masterclasses:
Totalling more than 100 hours; lectures by industry experts and our department heads, from a variety of backgrounds such as architecture, urban planning, design and communications.

• Mentorship Sessions:
Students were mentored by our senior management, event-planning experts, and thought leaders from the design and community-planning industries.

• Talent retention:
Offering Placemaking Academy Alumni with work opportunities from the greater Swire Properties community. Up to now, we have provided job opportunities in various projects of Swire Properties for more than 20 outstanding alumni.


Tong Chong Street transformed into a mega-sized vintage chocolate shop filled with Christmas-inspired shopping, food and drink, and heart-warming attractions.

Swire Properties’ largest ever White Christmas Street Fair returned to Taikoo Place, running across two weekends for the first time (November 30 to December 3 and December 8 to 10). The fair featured all-new elements, including digital F&B coupons, rentable tableware, and an original theme song, all aimed at raising funds for Operation Santa Claus. The fair was designed and run by ten local university students who were part of the Swire Properties Placemaking Academy (SPPA) 2023 cohort. "CHOCOLAND!" reminded visitors of their first bite of chocolate and the pure joy it brought. Among the numerous performances and activities, the original theme song, digital map, and mini-game created by seven secondary school students from the SPPA Junior Programme* were among the many exciting highlights.

*A collaboration between the Swire Properties Placemaking Academy and the E-League Programme by the Eastern District Office.