Swire Properties Placemaking Academy Alumni

The Swire Properties Placemaking Academy has started four year ago, and to date, up to 48 students from five universities have been through this programme. After graduation, it doesn’t mean to an end of their journey, and it’s merely the beginning!

This year, we engage our alumni with a series of master classes and community engagement events. By keeping our door open for graduated students to join lectures given by top industry experts, the master classes provides knowledge transfer of experience and insights to our alumni, so to equipe them for any future challenges. Also, as part of Swire Properties’ 50th Anniversary festivities, 50 students and alumni from the Swire Properties Placemaking Academy are collaborating to create a state-of-the-art piece of outdoor furniture for the community. To make the project come true, they held and created a strategic plan with a series of engagement, design-thinking process, and production.

Meet Our Alumni

A diverse range of job opportunities are offered by Swire Properties to our alumni for the sake of honing their professional skills. To put what they learned into practice, some of them even started their own business partnering with mates.

(2019 Alumna)
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Founder of Grade 8 Slash, she has been creating social media content and strategy for SPPA’s pillar for Swire Properties’ Instagram and Facebook since 2021.

(2019 Alumna)
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Designer of the SPPA notebook. The notebook featured inspiring quotes from mentors and alumni, this people-oriented design is sure to motivate our new generation of “Placemakers” and get their creative juices flowing.


(2020 Alumnus)
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Founder of Designer Port, who made the Instagram AR filter of White Christmas Street Fair 2021 and created his own NFT project.

(2019 Alumna)
City University of Hong Kong

Joint as a full-time SPPA staff member to help guide the new students since 2021, so as to create a very successful and simply awesome White Christmas Street Fair. Apart from sharing her experiences, she acts as mentor, confidant and friend to the SPPA students.

(2021 Alumnus)
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Founder of Recyclink HK, a local startup specialises in design and execution of recycling mechanism for commercial sector. His projects promote a sustainable city through responsible production and consumption.