Eligibility & Application Details 

1. Candidates must be resident of Taikoo Shing.
2. Selected candidates must attend the cooking showdown, workshop, and the White Christmas Street Fair on 29 Nov 6:00 – 8:00pm.
3. The project welcomes individual and group applications (2 to 3 pax). If you apply as a group, only one application form should be submitted with the following information:
    a. A designated representative; and
    b. The designated representative must be resident of Taikoo Shing; and
    c. Guarantee of attendance by all team members for all activities.
4. Interested participants should also submit video footage (max 30 minutes) of cooking a food item for judging purposes, along with the application form. 
5. The project is subject to change without prior notice. The organiser(s) retains all rights to any photographs, recording and videos taken and/or created during and for the project for promotional purposes, without prior consent from participants.
6. By completing and submitting the application form, you agree to all Terms & Conditions of the project.
7. For enquiries, please email hometownheroes@swireproperties.com or call 2844 6846.

Cooking and Judging criteria

1. Budget up to $20 per portion, selling price around $40 per portion
2. Time limit for the competition is 60 min including preparation and cooking time
3. Kind of cuisine: any country; any dish
4. Cooking style: street food, need to be able to eat with hands and be portable
5. Cooking equipment: hot plate, blender, mixer, small equipment (oven is not preferred as we can’t use it in street fair)

Application Form

Please insert a YouTube link below. Example link format: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klVWGHtRTuE

For enquiries, please email hometownheroes@swireproperties.com or contact 2844 6846/ 2844 3054